Reliable embedded systems

With autonomous vehicles just years from production, the need for professionals skilled in embedded systems and electronics will be greater than ever. We offer the following courses:

Embedded Automotive Systems using ISO 26262

On this five-day course you will explore certification requirements for ISO 26262 (the safety standard for road vehicles), how to define a safety plan for a safety-related embedded system, and how to perform hazard analysis and risk assessments.

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Programming Techniques for Reliable Embedded Systems

This is for you if you have a technical or scientific background but have little or no exposure to reliable embedded systems (RES). Study state-of-the-art techniques for programming modern microcontroller-based systems.

Reliable Embedded Systems MSc/PGCert

For graduates or professionals looking for IET-accredited CPD in the embedded systems field while continuing full time employment. You may be looking to retrain, update skills, or enhance existing qualifications.