About us

Our team support a high number of diverse and wide ranging employers to support their recruitment needs through working with you to outline a partnership recruitment plan to engage and recruit your target audience.  

Graduate Outcomes  

Kirsty Piotrowski: Graduate Outcomes Manager 

Lara Burton: Project Manager (Finalists and Graduates) 

Joanna Bullough: Project Officer (Finalists and Graduates)  

Vacant: Project Manager (Student Employment) 

Sophie Illston: Project Coordinator (Student Employment) 

Ravine Walker: Recruitment Administrator 

Melvyn Simpson: Recruitment Administrator 

Emily Walker Lakhani: Recruitment Administrator 

Placements and Internships  

Tamara Hissett: Placement Manager 

Susie Brown: Project Manager (Placements)

Jade Berry: Project Manager (Placements)

Mariyah Mandhu: Project Manager (Internships)

Alisha Kanabar: Project Coordinator (Internships)

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