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Leicester Life Sciences Accelerator

graphic depicting two heads one upside down a mental world of human conceptThe Leicester Life Sciences Accelerator (LLSA) provides qualifying SMEs in the life sciences and healthcare sector with innovation support. Based at the Leicester Innovation Hub, LLSA links businesses to academics and clinicians to support the development of new products and ideas.

Particular areas of expertise are clinical data science, diagnosis and management of chronic disease and multimorbidity, and clinical trials that can help accelerate product innovation and development. LLSA benefits from the University of Leicester’s exceptional academic expertise, including Academic Director, Professor Toru Suzuki.

 Access 12 free hours of academic/clinician time

  • Expert knowledge of the subject area to link businesses to the expert academics or clinicians, or other groups such as Medilink or EMAHSN
  • Advice on IP and signpost to IP experts
  • Advice on routes to access Clinical trials
  • Patient Public Involvement events for product development 
  • Demonstration of latest technologies and methodologies
  • Collaborative space to develop new ideas

 Collaborative projects and external funding

  • Advice on current/new funding routes and identify which ones may be the most successful
  • Help to identify what data/information/proof of concept may be required to develop successful funding
  • Expertise with experimental design/scientific method
  • Broker relationships between partners or academic experts to develop grant funding applications
  • Facilitate match making with venture capital funds
  • Start-up incubation services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Prototype and pilot ideas in the market place
  • Secure early seed investment
  • Networking opportunities
  • Showcase, promote and market innovations
  • Validate and test their concepts for market fit/and pull

 To find out more about how LLSA can support your company, please contact James Finney:

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