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Barclays: Leicester Business Seminar 

28 February at the Leicester Innovation Hub, 9.00am-11.00am
As digital technologies are becoming more and more important in business. Barclays Bank are running this event, to give you an insight around into the ever-changing technological world, and, to share how some businesses are utilising digital advancements to grow and make their businesses more efficient using Big Data. 

  • By invite only 

She Started It 

6 March at the Leicester Innovation Hub 
The Leicester Innovation Hub is teaming up with the Leicester Startups community to celebrate women in innovation for International Women's Day.

Unlock The Secrets of Your Data and Grow Your Business

7 March at the Leicester Innovation Hub 
This event is taking place as part of Leicester Innovation Week 2019 #InnovationWeek2019.

This event is being led by the University of Leicester and is ideal for both established and new businesses in any sector.