School of Engineering

Materials Processing

With the global challenges of sustainability and resource scarcity, along with increasing demands from industry and end users for high performance products and systems, the need for advances in materials processing has never been greater. The School of Engineering has a long history of research in materials processing. The School is host to the University's Advanced Microscopy Facility, extensive mechanical testing, and materials prototyping equipment, which enables the detailed characterisation of materials properties and microstructures. Coupled with our expertise in constitutive mechanical modelling, our staff collaborate, at Leicester and more widely, on holistic research projects on materials design and behaviour.


Professor Bo Chen - Bo specialises in the powder-bed-fusion additive manufacturing of engineering materials including steels, titanium alloys (e.g. Ti64 and gamma-TiAl), and nickel-base superalloys.

Dr Gebril El-Fallah - Gebril’s main expertise is in bainitic steel where he has designed new alloys for energy efficient automotive and aerospace applications and studied the mechanism of structural evolution leading to ultimate failure in world’s first bulk nanostructured steel.

Dr Rob Thornton - Rob specialises in the effects of cryogenic treatments on the microstructure, properties and mechanical behaviour of engineering materials.

Professor Simon Gill - Simon models the evolution of material systems from their fundamental mechanical, thermodynamic and kinetic properties.

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