School of Engineering

Material Surfaces and Interfaces

The ability to engineer functional and resilient surfaces is critical across a range of industries and applications include automotive, manufacturing and biomedical. The School of Engineering is part of multi-disciplinary research in Materials Surfaces and Interfaces at the University of Leicester, with close links to researchers in Chemistry and the Life Sciences. The School is host to the University's Advanced Microscopy Facility and tribological testing facilities, which enables the detailed characterisation of surfaces and interfaces. Our staff are involved in a variety of surface engineering projects, as outlined below.


Professor Bo Chen - Bo is an expert in advanced characterisation of materials interfaces including grain/phase boundaries in metals and alloys, with a particular focus to understand the damage processes (e.g. cavitation).

Dr Jenny Shepherd - Jenny is interested in the creation of optimised surfaces for bone regeneration, including consideration of anti-bacterial capability and drug delivery.

Dr Rob Thornton - Rob leads on the tribological characterisation of materials, including measurements of friction, wear resistance and lubrication behaviour.

Professor Simon Gill - Simon simulates epitaxial self-organised nanostructures and other interfacial processes.

Dr Zahir Hussain - Zahir has expertise in the computational modelling of Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) reacting flows with electrochemical applications, including passive control, flow stability and Non-Newtonian effects. 


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