School of Engineering

EPSRC Superfem

EPSRC Superfem, Project No. EP/S025707/1. Superconducting Ferromagnetic Metamaterials Enabling the Development of Resilient High Voltage / High Current Transmission Systems (SuperFem).

For more info contact, Dr Harold Ruiz (Head of Group) 

Project Workpackages

  • Modelling and electromagnetic optimization of the warm dielectric designs for three-phase power transmission lines with enhanced electromagnetic properties and reduced AC-losses, via the implementation of HTS/SFM metastructures
  • Electromagnetic modelling and optimization of HTS/SFM three-phase power transmission lines in cold dielectric configurations, including triad and triaxial cables for the use of 2G-HTS tapes.

Achievements & Deliverables

  • 11 Publications in peer-reviewed journals. For more info visit Dr Harold Ruiz (Head of Group) profile
  • 3 Collaborations and Partnerships
  • 3 Further Funding
  • 1 Research Database and broad Dataset of Models for the electromagnetic assessment of High Temperature Superconducting cables aided by Soft ferromagnetic sheaths. This includes triad and triaxial cables, including multifilamentary MgB2 cables, 2G-HTS coated conductors, coaxial configurations with 2D and 3D designs, CORC, and TSTC cables

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