School of Engineering

Future Energy and Transport Systems

As the world must move towards Net Zero to mitigate climate change, it is through Engineering that progress will be made to achieving this aim.  The electrification of transport systems, the advancement of nuclear energy, and the switch to alternative fuels are subjects of active research interest in the School of Engineering.  Our staff use both experimental techniques, and state-of-the-art numerical modelling methods, to deliver solutions to the challenges facing the modern world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Dr Andrew McMullan - Andrew uses high-fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques to study mixing and combustion in turbulent diffusion flames, with an emphasis on emissions reduction through hydrogen combustion, and ammonia combustion.

  • Dr Audrius Bagdanavicius - Audrius's research interests are focused on the development and application of exergy and exergoeconomic analysis methods for energy conversion systems, thermomechanical energy storage and combined energy networks.

  • Dr Bing Ji - Bing specialises in power electronics (design, modelling, prognosis and health management) and wide bandgap semiconductors for electrified transport, renewable energy sources and electricity networks.

  • Professor Bo Chen - Bo is an expert in nuclear structural integrity, ultilising both experimental and modelling tools to understanding and predicting materials degradation processes.

  • Dr Bo Tian - Bo’s expertise is in the experimental studies on reacting flows, including the laser diagnostics of combustion, pollutant formation in combustion, the combustion characteristics of sustainable biofuels, and the synthesis of novel nanomaterials in flames.

  • Dr Harold Ruiz - Harold is an expert in the optimization, modelling, digital twinning and prototyping of advanced systems using superconducting materials, ferromagnets, metamaterials, and cryogenics for the next generation of Net-Zero energy systems. He is one of the four leaders of the Hi-Scale European COST action.

  • Dr Imran Patel - Imran’s research portfolio includes alternative methods for harvesting lost energy, particularly in the area of renewable energy using smart piezoelectric materials.

  • Dr Paul Lefley - Paul specialises in electronics and power converters and has expertise in the following applications; spacecraft thrusters and electrical propulsion, EV drives, power conversion (AC-DC, DC-DC) for renewable energy and energy storage, high power battery recharging, wireless power transfer, and electrical machine design (rotary and non-rotary).


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