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Engineering Education and Management

The Engineering Education Management (EEM) team is a key part of the research network group working on the latest cutting edge topics with industrial partners via Postgraduate research projects in areas such as Industry 4.0 technologies, sustainability, circular economy, operations management, technology adoption, advanced and smart engineering materials and technology applications.  The interdisciplinary nature of engineering and management research is widely recognized and considered to be the most appropriate and significant in the fast changing world. The EEM team collaborates with the staff across the School to ensure a wider and pragmatic approach to enhance staff and students research learning abilities as well being active in the applications of various grants and funding opportunities.

Furthermore, our EEM team have and continue to develop flagship programmes such as the Masters of Engineering Management (MEM).  The Management theme programmes also applies to the more traditional Advanced Mechanical and Advanced electrical and Electronic programmes to ensure that the future graduating student have a balanced technical and management experience in preparation for the career that awaits them.  Our staff are involved in a variety of engineering management areas, as outlined below.


Dr Avinash Bhangaonkar - Avinash’s interests lie in exploring sustainability metrics as applied to the energy and automotive sectors and evaluating energy storage technologies, especially batteries. On the pedagogy side, he is keen on working on identifying, imparting and assessing skills for engineering students, especially as required from industrial employability perspective.

Mr Daniel Burton - Daniel is a Materials Engineer with a particular specialism on 3D-printing with high-temperature alloys and ceramics.

Dr Imran Patel – Imran’s work is centred on Energy Harvesting for purposes of renewable energy using piezoelectric material.  His most recent work also covers the Management of Engineering through streamlining businesses within the remit of Continuous Improvement.

Dr Jae-Hwan Park - Industry transition, Technology commercialisation, Technology strategy/management, and technology entrepreneurship.

Dr Locadia Tombido - Locadia works in Production and Operations management and Logistics and Supply chain Management. Her work is centred on closed loop and sustainable supply chains, the circular economy and supply chain resilience.

Dr Mukund Janardhanan – Mukund mainly works in the field of manufacturing system optimization. His research interests are in the field of production and operations management.

Dr Paula Warrington - Paula is exploring how pedagogical approaches in other disciplines might inform practice in Engineering.


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