School of Engineering

Control Systems and Signals

The area of Control Systems and Signal processing provides the theoretical basis and the computational tools for analysis and design of complex dynamical systems. This area of research plays critical roles in many fields and in particular in the fields of communications, aerospace and transportation, bioengineering and medicine. The members of staff of the school working in this area of research are all very research-active and are currently involved in a number of academic and/or industrial research projects. Over the recent years, they attracted significant funding from research councils (EPSRC, NERC, MRC and the European Union) and from industry including Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Rolls-Royce, Agusta Westland, BAE Systems, Meteorological Office UK and the European Space Agency.


Dr Dave Siddle - Dave researches the effect of the ionosphere on long-range communications. 

Dr Emmanuel Prempain - Emmanuel's research interests are primarily in the areas of control and the application of convex optimisation for control system analysis and synthesis. He is interested in robust gain scheduling, robust tracking, fixed-order synthesis control within the Linear Matrix Inequality framework. He has significant experience in the design of controllers for Aerospace Systems (helicopter control, re-entry space vehicle control and autopilots) and more generally in the application of linear matrix optimisation techniques to complex systems.

Dr Kelechi Ebirim - Kelechi's research is in control engineering with specific focus on model predictive control as applied to aerodynamic systems

Dr Xin Li - Xin’s research focuses on using advanced signal processing and mathematical intelligent algorithms for improving target identification for catheter ablation during human persistent atrial fibrillation and better risk assessment for sudden cardiac death.

Dr Tao Zhang - Tao's research work applies control theories to aerodynamic/acoustic optimisation through adjoint formulations and automatic differentiation. His work also involves flight mechanics and control of unconventional rotorcraft configurations.

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