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LiFE MAT (formerly Groby and Partners) School Direct is a unique cluster of schools in the west of Leicestershire. We offer a range of experiences where you will develop your potential as a teacher.

Our vision is:

  • To improve outcomes for all in our 11-19 schools through the development of outstanding future teachers
  • To strengthen our capacity through collaboration between, and within, our schools and higher education partnerships
  • To support all by sharing outstanding professional development
  • To lead developments in the personalising of career development plans

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to participate in a coordinated series of professional experiences led by good and outstanding teachers
  • An expectation that successful graduates of this programme will be considered for employment in our partnership of schools
  • The maximum possible amount of time working with students and developing the skills to become an outstanding teacher
  • The earliest possible opportunity to get into classrooms and make a difference to students

Participating schools

  • Brookvale Groby Learning Campus - Brookvale High School
  • Brookvale Groby Learning Campus - Groby Community College (lead school)
  • South Charnwood High School
  • Bosworth Academy
  • St Martin's Catholic Academy
  • The Winstanley School
  • Lutterworth College

Our partnership of schools allows us to be small enough to care and know each trainee really well, so that we can identify needs and target support. Our goal is to create lifelong educators who are passionate about the profession and committed to young people. A unique characteristic of the LiFE MAT course is that we deliver all the 14 Professional Study Days linked to the University of Leicester PGCE course within our group of schools. The Study Days are taught by practising teachers who are leading practitioners and specialists in their field.

Statistics in recent years show that most of LiFE MAT School Direct trainees have secured teaching posts upon qualifying, and many gain employment in partnership schools. In the 2016-17 academic year 38% of our trainees found jobs within the partnership, and all of them found work in the Midlands. Many of our former trainees now have posts of responsibility in schools and work as subject leaders.

Courses offered


We have a number of schools located in and around Leicester.


Virginia Toon

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