5 Wells, Park Junior, Wellingborough

The 5 Wells Teaching School Alliance is working in partnership with the University of Leicester to offer our trainees the opportunity to not only gain QTS but also to achieve a PGCE. The taught element of the course will be provided by the University of Leicester through their highly-regarded Primary PGCE.

Successful candidates will benefit from the skills and expertise of University staff, as well as the guidance of schools very keen to support the next generation of teachers. Students will be provided with comprehensive development opportunities, experienced mentors, pastoral support and support with designing their future career paths. Students will be able to work with a number of schools to benefit from the areas of expertise offered by each. Our children deserve the very best and consequently deserve the very best student teachers. Placements will be arranged to ensure that students experience a range of learning contexts.

The 5 Wells Teaching School Alliance is based at Redwell Primary School, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. We are a diverse alliance of nearly 30 schools which include secondary, primary, junior, infant, town schools, village and tiny rural schools, maintained schools and academies. Our aim is to improve the opportunities of the children in our area through providing them with the best education, taught by the best teachers, to give them the best life chances. The heart of the teaching school is to provide high-quality teacher training through the School Direct programme.

Park Junior School (Headteacher: Mr David Tebbutt) and All Saints CEVA Primary School (Headteacher: Mrs Emma Johnson) are the lead schools of this alliance. Both schools have excellent experience of working with the School Direct programme. There are interesting and varied opportunities within our alliance to develop experience in a wide range of settings, from a large school to mixed-age classes in a small school.

We promise to:

  • Provide high-quality support and training, and only work with providers who will do the same
  • Ensure the children in our schools are taught by the best teachers
  • Ensure we recruit, train and retain the best staff in our schools
  • Ensure that we recognise and develop the strengths, knowledge and skills of all our staff at each stage of their career
  • Ensure the support we provide or broker is sustainable


We have a number of schools, mainly located in Wellingborough.


David Tebbutt

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