College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

CSSAH Postgraduate fund 2021/22

As research postgraduates are well aware, the COVID-19 virus outbreak and restrictions on travel abroad and gatherings such as conferences means that much activity previously supported by the College PGR Fund is not available for funding. However, we are aware that some training and conferencing is available online and the fund is being made available to support such applications. Where a request for funding to cover travel are made, please indicate whether the risk assessment has been submitted or approved.

Call for applications

The College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities has set aside funding in 2021/22 for bursaries for postgraduate research students who do not have access to other funds (i.e. self-funded primarily).

The maximum bursaries to be awarded this year are £250 but note that students are eligible for apply more than once in the year - but to an overall maximum of £250 for individual awards. Awards may be for presenting a paper at a virtual/online conference, where there is a conference fee; online training to support research; running an online workshop, etc. 

Applications must spell out related costs and have supporting documentation. Note that the PGR Fund does not cover costs of downloads or reproductions, proof reading, etc.

Students must apply by the 26th of each month; applications are then considered by a panel by the start of the next month. Except for September, note that awards are not retrospective and must be submitted in good time (ideally 2 months ahead) for events or activities proposed. It is essential that applicants have a supporting reference from their supervisor/s for any applications.

Apply now for a 2021/22 bursary

Successful applicants will be required to produce a short report at the end of the funding period indicating how the money has been spent and what outputs have been achieved. The submitted report must include copies of receipts for all expenditure. Payment of an award is via sterling cheque collectable from the Fees Payments Office unless alternative arrangements are specified in the application.

For an application form, please email

If you have any queries please contact the College PGR Director Dr Toby Lincoln or Louise Taylor

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