Access rates

College policy on use and cost of access to Advanced Microscopy Facility

In order to optimise efficient use of the facility, increase fairness, transparency, manage demand and reduce administrative workload, this page provides an outline of the availability and charges for access to the AMF (approved by CSE Research Committee 15/07/19).

‘A session’ is 4 hours; a morning session and an afternoon session are available each day. Otherwise, hour slots will be available for users.

For use of the AMF that falls outside the circumstances outlined below, please discuss your requirements with an AMF technician.

Investigators with UKRI funding

  • Amount of time should be allocated at time of grant application (form required and/or LUCRE amendment to remind PI’s to consider adding technician time for projects with heavy AMF use).
  • No charge at point of use up to 30 sessions; thereafter, discuss likely continued use.
  • Considered priority users (see below). Please discuss with the AMF technician so that they can manage the bookings

Externally funded research (non UKRI) within CSE, and users from CLS and external users from other UK Institutions

  • Should be costed into the grant as £40 per hour for training and £30 per hour after that (note CLS users will be charged to DDF)
  • Considered priority users (see below). Please discuss with the AMF technician so that they can manage the bookings

Proof-of-concept work or research without external funding

  • Two sessions free per annum, followed by PhD charge rate (see below) - this comes from investigators DDF.

PhD students (externally and internally funded)

  • £30 per hour (training)
  • Then £12.50 per hour
  • Students without RTSG, supervisor pays at same rate
  • AMF technical staff will gauge whether use is efficient and necessary and may set limits
  • PhD students currently in final 18 months with little remaining RTSG to discuss requirement of time with AMF technician

Teaching, including PGT

  • Only certain SEMs will be available.

No charge up to:

  • Geology ~25 days (if Hitachi is not working)
  • Engineering ~35-40 days
  • Chemistry ~35 days
  • No UG use of Zeiss without Tom Knott (AMF technician) being present

Priority users

Priority user ‘slots’ will be made available to reduce waiting time to use facilities. If these slots are not used by priority users they will be made available for other users.

For further information on access to any of the instruments please contact:

Professor Sarah Gabbott - Director of the Advanced Microscopy Centre 
Department of Engineering University of Leicester 
Leicester, LE1 7RH 
Tel: +44(0)116 252 3636

For industry enquiries please contact:

Mr Vinay Patel - Advanced Microscopy Centre Manager 
Department of Engineering 
Tel: +44(0)116 229 7330