Voices of the victims: exploring the impact of hit-and-run driving on victims

Commissioned by the Motor Insurers Bureau, this project is being led by Dr Matt Hopkins and Dr Wendy Fitzgibbon. Its aim is to explore the immediate short-term and longer term physical, financial and emotional impacts of hit-and-run on victims and their families. A number of methods are being utilised in the project, including: 

  • A national online survey of victims
  • In-depth interviews with victims using a photo voice methodology
  • In-depth interviews with ‘stakeholders’ such as police, road safety charities and victim support groups

As part of the project outputs a short film entitled ‘Voices of the Victims’ will be produced that will feature victims' accounts of their experiences. The project will conclude in December 2018 with a national conference. At that conference we will be screening the project film publicly for the first time and also holding a photo voice exhibition of victims work. Overall, the work will not only identify the impact of hit-and-run driving on victims, it will also identify weaknesses in current support for victims and help to develop future approaches.

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