Rick Adderley

Director at A E Solutions and Honorary Visiting Fellow

Rick Adderley is a retired Police Inspector having completed 32 years service in two Forces, Thames Valley and West Midlands. He gained experience in a number of departments including general patrol, traffic and CID.  His last appointment was the development of their Force Linked Intelligence System (FLINTS) for West Midlands Police which encompassed the theories of Environmental Criminology by amalgamating a large number of disparate data sets from three Forces into a single warehouse to provide timely actionable results within the National Intelligence Model (NIM).

Since retirement, Rick has formed a company, A E Solutions (BI) Ltd., specialising in providing intelligence consultation to policing and Emergency Services. The company has recently added the identification and management of stress in the workplace as a strand to his business still working within the UK Emergency Services. He has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computer Science, a PhD in the use of data mining techniques in crime trend analysis and offender profiling and 23 publications. The company has been involved in two EU FP6 projects and are currently working in two FP7 projects.

Rick is actively involved in research and teaching collaborations with the University of Leicester. He has published research articles with Dr Lisa Smith and Dr John Bond, and is also contributing to the MSc in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice with a module on data mining.