The Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy (CPPE) provides a platform for interrogation and investigation of the ontological underpinnings and epistemological strategies emerging from diverse academic fields in business and management studies, with a commitment to social justice.

CPPE/CSE Seminar Series

We run a research seminar series with and for CPPE and CSE network members and the public. Invited external speakers include (forthcoming) David Bailey, Andreas Bieler, Peter Bloom, Jo Brewis, Ian Brown, Monica Clua Losada, Valerio De Stefano, Lina Dencik, Bernie Hogan, Laura Horn, Mark Graham, Martijn Konings, Alison Powell, Magnus Ryner, Saori Shibata, Ben Trott, Angela Wigger, Alex Wood, Jamie Woodcock, and Yuliya Yurchenko. 

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