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What is this test?

This is a lateral-flow test, which is part of the NHS England Test and Trace scheme, to detect COVID-19 infections in the healthy individuals to help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. More information on how the test works can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Why should I have this test?

Although testing is not mandatory, we strongly encourage staff and students to take regular tests, as detecting COVID-19 positive individuals with no symptoms, who subsequently self-isolate, helps to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus to others. Regular testing also helps to reduce the risk of university outbreaks and spread of infection to the wider local community. While no test is 100% efficient, LFT tests have been shown to be very efficient in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the healthy population. More information on this can be found on the GOV.UK website:

How do I get a test?

You can book your test. Please carefully fill in your full name and your University email address. When attending the centre for your test, please remember to take your student/staff identity card to the testing centre and, if you have one, a smartphone or other mobile device to register. Access to appropriate IT and support will be also be provided on site.

Lateral Flow Home testing kits will shortly be available but we are waiting for more information about this soon. Along with how you will need to report your test results and testing regime to the University.

We will however still be offering on site tests and encourage you to test with us when you are coming onto campus.

Where can I test?

We currently have three testing centres on campus: Due to heating issues, testing in our main site at the Charles Wilson Sports Hall has been relocated to the Adrian building. There are two further centres at the Village Hub (Oadby) and at Glenfield Hospital. We are hoping to open more sites across campus soon to make it easier for all to access tests.

Please note that the centre at Glenfield is only accessible for University staff and students based at the Glenfield site.

How often can I have this test?

Lateral flow testing is available to all University staff and students. It is recommended that you test regularly, ideally twice weekly and that tests should be taken between three and four days apart.

I’m not on campus every day so how should I approach testing?

Regular testing is recommended: two tests, three to four days apart, but we recognise that this is not always practical. Please do your best to achieve this testing pattern as far as is possible. If this is not possible, for example, if you can only get to a testing site one day a week, please test on that day only. If you are on site two consecutive days, test only on one of the days, as it is not recommended to test more than once in any 72 hour period.

We currently have testing available four days a week (all centres are closed on Wednesdays) but we are keeping our opening times under review – so please use the booking site to check current availability and to book a test. If you work/study across different sites on different days, please attend the site that is local to where you work/study. You do not have to attend the same test centre each time.

What tests should I take to travel back to University after the Easter holidays?

You should test again before travelling back to University, where local community testing facilities are available. Once you have returned to Leicester you should book a test as soon as you can and from then onwards test twice weekly. 

Can I take a COVID-19 test during Ramadan?

The Muslim Council of Britain have produced guidance on COVID-19 vaccines and Ramadan.

What does the test involve?

It is a swab test with an approved NHS testing kit that is quick and easy to take. Results will be provided to you usually within an hour or two. Watch this video below to see how quick and easy the testing is. To speed up the registration process, we recommend that you register for an NHS Test and Trace account when prompted to do so. After clicking ‘Start’ and selecting who you are taking a test for, you will then have the option to sign up for a coronavirus testing account. Click ‘Register using NHS login’. You can then save your personal details so you don’t have to re-enter them next time you get tested. More information on how the test works can be found on the GOV.UK website.

How do I cancel a booking?

If you need to change or cancel your booking, you can do so by following the ‘Change your appointment’ link in the booking confirmation email. Changes can be made until 2 hours before the appointment.

What if I test positive?

If you test positive, you must self-isolate in your current residence for a period of 10 days, and book a confirmatory PCR test, ideally via a home test kit or using a non-university testing site, closest to where you are isolating. Here is a link to community testing sites across Leicestershire. It is important that the confirmatory PCR test is carried out within 72hrs of your lateral flow test. This is because the PCR test, if negative, will override the LFT result, and will release you from isolation if carried out within 72hrs of the initial positive LFT. If however, the PCR result is also positive or if the test was carried out after 72hrs, then you will need to continue with your 10 day self-isolation period. More information on this can be found on GOV.UK.

You must also report using the staff reporting form or the student reporting form. If you are in a hall of residence, email accommodation@le.ac.uk. This is so that we can support you appropriately during your isolation period.

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