Student conduct

We recognise the challenges caused by the pandemic and continued tighter restrictions. We all understand the eagerness to socialise with friends and family, however, we need to work together to keep our community safe. 

Senate Regulations and COVID-19 

Continue to follow current Government guidelines. Any breaking of COVID-19 guidance will also be investigated as breaching Senate Regulation 11 Appendix 1, and, if a breach took place, a sanction will be imposed that can include monetary fines, temporary suspension from your studies, or permanent exclusion from the University.  

House party fines 

The Government announced fines of up to £6400 if you attend a house party, including in halls of residences – it is against the law to meet socially with family and friends, unless they are part of your household bubble. This means that you must not invite anyone who does not live with you into your accommodation, and you must not organise or attend any gatherings, including house parties or similar events, in University or private accommodation. 

Students at the University have already been issued with £800 fines for breaching the Government laws. Those students are now also facing student discipline proceedings. 


Please report COVID-19 breaches through the SafeZone app, or if in private accommodation in Leicestershire, or off campus, the Leicestershire Police reporting system.