Guiding principles for staff working arrangements

Planning principles

All return to working on campus has been subject to a risk assessment, and implemented in accordance with Government Guidelines, also taking into account national Trade Union/UCEA agreed approaches for the sector. These principles are therefore subject to regular review and may change if the national guidelines change.

Significant work was carried out to make the University campus COVID-compliant prior to staff and students returning to campus. Detailed guidelines to ensure COVID-19 safety compliance when working on the campus, and guidelines for safe home working have also been developed. All staff are expected to follow these guidelines.

  1. The current expectation is that managers should plan for professional services teams continuing to work-from-home until further notice unless they need to be on campus to provide a business critical service, student-facing service, or event. Teams working on campus will normally work on a rota basis for now, to be agreed with their line manager.
  2. All staff will have the opportunity to discuss with their manager any additional equipment requirements they may have to improve working-from-home arrangements, including reasonable adjustments. Managers will be able to apply to a University fund to provide additional equipment requirements, including the purchase of new equipment if it cannot be sourced from existing stocks.
  3. Individual staff will have the option to pre-book a workspace on campus for specific dates if they are required to work on campus, or need to print any materials, as there may be periods of time when specific buildings are not yet open and available for use. This will be with the agreement of their line manager.
  4. Individual staff will continue to have the option to pre-book a slot to collect items from their office, with the agreement of their line manager.
  5. Any staff members currently shielding due to coronavirus risk or displaying symptoms of coronavirus should not attend campus under any circumstances without discussing in advance with their line manager.
  6. Any staff members with extended caring commitments due to the implications of COVID-19 should be able to work flexibly and should discuss their individual circumstances with their line manager.
  7. It is recognised that there are staff, other than those who are clinically vulnerable, extremely clinically vulnerable or those who have direct caring commitments, who may be concerned about returning to work on campus because of factors relating to COVID-19 risk levels - such as BAME staff or staff who are in a household with someone who is clinically vulnerable or extremely clinically vulnerable. Any staff members concerned about this, should discuss their individual circumstances with their line manager, who will consider if a OH referral is required. The University is completing an equality analysis to take account of the differential impact of COVID-19 on the staff equality groups and will work with the relevant staff equality fora to do this, including identifying mitigating actions it can take to continue to prioritise the health and wellbeing of all staff.