Information for about returning to campus for staff who are clinically vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable

Staff who are extremely clinically vulnerable

If you are ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’, you will not be expected to return to work on campus.

If, however, you wish to return to work on campus, you must discuss this with your line manager to ensure appropriate clinical risk assessments are undertaken and a referral to occupational health is made.

Please note, this will only apply if your School or Department has been given authority to recommence working on campus.

Staff who are clinically vulnerable

If you are ‘clinically vulnerable’ current Government guidance does not prohibit you from working but states you should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household. Obviously, returning to work might compromise this and so any return must be subject to a robust risk assessment.

For clinically vulnerable employees, managers must complete the process outlined in the ‘Individual Clinical Vulnerability Risk Assessment Guidance for Managers’ which can be found on the resource hub prior to the employee returning to work to ensure that the risk of them working on campus is able to be effectively managed. Managers should take into account how the employee will get to campus and may have to be flexible with start and end times.

See the Government guidance defining the terms relating to vulnerability and the issues relating to this.

If you or a member of your household are currently suffering from the effects of COVID-19, again, avoid returning to work, and follow the self-isolating guidelines issued by the Government.

Despite the easing of Government guidance for clinically vulnerable people and the measures that the University has implemented to make the workplace COVID-secure, such staff should remain aware of their increased risk factor should they return to working on campus.