Self-isolating while at University

The key actions we ask everyone on campus to follows if they develop ANY symptoms, or are waiting for the results of a test, are: isolate, report and test. 

Safety guidance 

We have introduced a Seven Steps to Safety process to keep our student community safe. Posters are displayed around campus and our halls of residence and we are reminding students of this via our social media channels.

Alongside this we have also introduced a Safe Citizen Promise

Self-isolation rules

A group of students sharing kitchen/bathroom facilities within a hall of residence counts as a household or ‘bubble’ under Government rules. If one of those students shows symptoms or tests positive, the whole household is legally required to self-isolate indoors. This means no-one will be allowed out for exercise, shopping etc, nor will they be able to visit communal areas of the building. This is not a local or student-specific rule, it is a Government-mandated rule that must be followed by any household in the country and fines can be imposed on anyone who breaks it. (This only applies to the designated household. Other students in the same building will not be affected.)

Supporting self-isolation

We have developed a comprehensive set of plans and support if any of our students are required to self-isolate. Our process looks after students whether we have one student isolating or we need to undertake mass isolation. We will support all students whether in our own accommodation, in private accommodation or commuting to study.

We are already working with our local supermarkets regarding online food deliveries, we will have essential food packages along with menu instructions for those isolating who are unable to access food, we have also arranged for on-site food concessions and take-aways and we will support students with specific dietary requirements.  We will also have cleaning and personal hygiene packages available and will support students with their laundry needs wherever we can. We will also ensure that any medication that is required will be delivered.

Tutor support will continue, with additional check-ins and we will have a ‘Social in Isolation’ programme of events to ensure students are not alone in isolation. 

Safety and wellbeing

Alongside the SafeZone and Wellbeing apps which all our students are required to use, we have a system of frequent phone/in-person checks to identify any problems or requirements. We will be in regular contact with all students – not just those isolating – throughout the term, monitoring their wellbeing and especially their mental health. Moving away from home can be stressful enough in a normal year. In 2020, we need to all look out for each other even more than usual.