List of Academic Champions

Browse our list of specialities with contact details of the Academic Champions within each speciality.

Speciality Academic Champion Email
Acute Internal Medicine  Dr Mark Ardron 
Acute Internal Medicine  Dr Lee Walker 
Allergy  Dr Michael Browning 
Anaesthesia  Dr Aamer Ahmed 
Anaesthesia  Dr Jonathan Thompson 
Anaesthesia  Dr Satya Francis
Cardiac Surgery  Professor Gavin Murphy 
Cardiology  Professor Tony Gershlick 
Clinical Genetics  Dr Julian Barwell 
Clinical Leadership  Dr Jay Banerjee 
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics  Dr Nigel Langford 
Clinical Radiology / Imaging  Dr Arumugam Rajesh 
Clinical Radiology / Imaging  Dr Vikas Shah 
Colorectal Surgery  Dr Baljit Singh 
Community Sexual and Reproductive Health  Dr Jyoti Dhar 
Dermatology  Dr Graham Johnston 
Dermatology  Professor Robin Graham-Brown 
Ear, Nose and Throat  Mr Javed Uddin 
Education and Training Roles  Dr Dilesh Lakhani 
Emergency Medicine (Adult)  Dr Martin Wiese   
Emergency Medicine (Paediatrics)  Dr Damien Roland
Endocrinology  Dr Miles Levy 
Gastroenterology  Dr John De Caestecker 
General Internal Medicine  Dr Dilesh Lakhani 
Genitourinary Medicine  Dr Adrian Palfreeman 
General Practice  Dr Saqib Anwar 
General Practice  Professor Rishabh Prasad 
General Practice  Dr Anu Rao 
General Practice  Dr Vivek Varakantam 
General Practice  Dr Azhar Zafar 
Geriatric Medicine  Professor Simon Conroy 
Geriatric Medicine  Dr Victoria Haunton 
Gynaecology  Dr Esther Moss 
Gynaecology  Professor Doug Tincello 
Haematology  Dr Fiona Miall 
Haematology  Dr Harriet Walter 
HPB Surgery  Professor Ashley Dennison 
Immunology  Dr Michael Browning 
Infectious Diseases  Dr Manish Pareek 
Intensive Care Medicine  Dr Jonathan Thompson 
Lower GI Surgery  Dr Sanjay Chaudhri 
Medical Microbiology and Virology  Dr Nelun Perera 
Neonatology  Dr Venkatesh Kairamkonda 
Obstetrics  Dr Tommy Mousa 
Occupation Medicine  Dr Jenny Dodman 
Oncology (Medical)  Professor Samreen Ahmed 
Ophthalmology  Mr Ray Chaudhuri
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  Mr Chris Avery 
Orthopaedic Surgery (Spine) Dr Partha Basu 
Orthopaedic Surgery (MSK)  Professor Joseph Dias 
Orthopaedic Surgery (Trauma)  Mrs Lucy Cutler 
Orthopaedic Surgery (Trauma)  Dr Jit Mangwani 
Paediatrics  Dr Elaine Boyle 
Paediatric Allergy  Dr David Luyt 
Paediatric Cardiology  Dr Frances Bu'Lock 
Paediatric Respiratory  Dr Erol Gaillard 
Palliative Medicine  Professor Christina Faull 
Pathology (Chemical)  Dr Pankaj Gupta 
Pathology (Chemical and Forensic Toxicology  Dr Stephen Morley 
Plastic Surgery  Mr Graham Offer   
Psychiatry  Dr Waqqas Khokhar 
Renal Medicine  Dr James Burton 
Respiratory Medicine  Dr Rakesh Panchal 
Respiratory Medicine  Professor Michael Steiner 
Rheumatology  Dr Arumugan Moorthy 
Sport and Exercise Medicine  Dr Patrick Wheeler 
Stroke Medicine  Dr Lisa Manning 
Thoracic Surgery  Mr Apostolos Nakas 
Undergraduate Medical Education Mr Leyshon Griffiths

Upper GI Surgery  Professor David Bowrey 
Urology  Mr Masood Khan 
Urology  Mr Roger Kockelbergh 
Vascular Surgery Dr Mark McCarthy