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Academic Champions

What is an Academic Champion?

The role of the Academic Champion is to act as a facilitator for those medical students and doctors in training who would like to further their careers by working in collaboration with the University. An Academic Champion has been identified for the majority of Clinical Specialities.

The College of Life Sciences at the University of Leicester will work with all Academic Champions to support them in their role of helping interested individuals take forward their academic aspirations. The aim is to ensure such individuals are supported in a way which allows them to reach their full potential. It is hoped that this will enhance the profile of both individual specialities and enhance recruitment and retention of high calibre doctors to Leicester’s hospitals.

As an Academic Champion you may therefore be contacted by BSc Intercalated medical students or clinical academic trainees seeking advice on how to develop an academic career and also for advice regarding potential research projects in your speciality area. Recognising the complexities of modern medicine, the expectation is not that the Academic Champion will provide all the support themselves (although many will) but rather they would act as a conduit to the University and help find people who could.

In order to facilitate their work and in recognition of their contribution to the development of our students and doctors in training all Academic Champions, who are not substantive members of University staff or individuals who hold another honorary title, will be awarded the title of Honorary Fellow within the College.

How the Academic Champion programme has helped

Lucy Taylor is a graduate of the IBSc in palliative medicine. In May 2017 she was awarded the RSM Palliative Care Section George Adams Prize for her (unrelated to the IBSc) essay on “Innovation in palliative care: What's next?" Christina Faull, our Academic Champion in Palliative Medicine, brought this to our attention. There are national essay competitions for medical students in palliative care every year.

Become an Academic Champion

If you are interested in becoming an Academic Champion for your speciality, please contact Professor Kevin Harris.

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