College of Life Sciences

Professor Ruth Luthi Carter

Head shot of Ruth Luthi CarterChair of Neurobiology of Behaviour

Did you experience any significant barriers / challenges in getting to where you are now? And, if so, how did you overcome these?

Yes. Personally seeking out opportunities for upward mobility and being willing to relocate.

What tips would you give to your 14 year old self?

Be true to yourself! Always!

What are your future career aspirations?

To make the world a better place.

What are the most pivotal moments in your life and why?

  • Deciding to leave my home region to go to graduate school, which forced me to prioritise my career over personal considerations.
  • Finding role models and mentors who helped me see the strength of my own abilities.
  • Being a mother and learning to be emotionally consistent and to set limits.
  • Mustering the courage to fight for scientific integrity and personal/professional values.

What leadership experiences / opportunities have you had thus far (either in your personal or professional life)?

Still searching for opportunities commensurate with my training and abilities.

Who was the most influential person in getting you where you are now and why?

Female mentors and role models who encouraged me and believed in my abilities.

What particular qualities, skills or strengths do you have that makes you good at your role or provides good foundation for success at the workplace?

I am a truth-seeker in every respect.

Do you think women face particular challenges in leadership, or are these the same as those experienced by their male colleagues?

The challenges for a woman, particularly a woman from another country, are substantially greater. The more different you are, the more difficult it is to build a coalition or for others to accept you/your authority.

What advice would you give to other women in the workplace?

  • Build strong professional and personal support networks.
  • Be grateful for your mentors and supporters and make sure to share it with them.
  • Take full advantage of professional opportunities where these are consistent with your own goals and values.

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