Clinical Academic Training


Consultants hosting AF trainees within the speciality of psychiatry.

Dr Mohammed Abbas

Clinical research

Motives of suicidal behaviour and testing the effectiveness a new training model of suicidal/self harming risk assessment and management. I developed a new model of case formulation in Psychiatry and tested its effectiveness on the case formulation skills of psychiatric trainees using RCT. A similar approach could be used with medical students (this type of research could be seen as medical education type).

Professor Liz Anderson

Clinical research

I am a regional, national and international leader of interprofessional education aligned to team working and patient safety. I have a range of research projects within medical educational exploring interprofessional simulations, the need for reflection using Portfolios and designing and piloting new learning possibilities in practice, recently bringing together pharmacists and medical students.

Dr Natalie Armstrong

Clinical research

The SAPPHIRE (Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research) Group in the department of Health Sciences uses social science theory and methods to undertake research and evaluation in order to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. A developing area of interest in the group is around overdiagnosis and overtreatment, which occur when a diagnosis is ‘correct’ according to current standards but the diagnosis or associated treatment has a low probability of benefiting the patient, and may instead be harmful. We would welcome Academic Foundation doctors keen to explore this area further either in general terms or as it relates to a particular clinical area.

Dr Clare Oakley

Clinical research

St. Andrew’s Healthcare is the UK’s leading charity providing specialist care for the NHS and we offer in-depth expertise in trauma, personality disorder, psychosis, autism, learning disability, brain injury and dementia. St Andrew’s Academic Department is currently collaborating with several different Universities on a range of research projects. Research themes include risk assessment, the use of technology in patient care, physical activity and metabolic syndrome.

Professor Gavin Murphy

Clinical research

As the Director of the University’s Clinical Trials Unit, I oversee a portfolio of clinical trials spanning multiple clinical areas (including cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, mental health, cancer, dermatology and public health) and all stages of development, from initial idea to final publication. Your placement would thus allow for both breadth and depth of exposure.

Dr Carolyn Tarrant

Clinical research

The SAPPHIRE (Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research) Group has expertise in qualitative methods and health care improvement, with particular interests in acute care, maternity care, healthcare associated infections, and measurement for improvement. A qualitative project would be available to explore junior doctors' experiences of working in acute care at weekends, in relation to their role and professional development; we would also be happy to discuss other possible research topics.

Sam Tromans

My primary research interest relates to the prevalence of autism within inpatient psychiatric settings, as well as the mental and physical comorbidities of this patient group, with which I work closely with Professor's Traolach Brugha and Guiqing Yao. I am also interested in psychiatric epidemiology more generally, as well as neuro-developmental disorders and intellectual disability.

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