Clinical leadership

Consultants hosting AF trainees within the clinical leadership foundation programme.

Dr Eamonn Breslin

Clinical leadership


  • Interest in leadership in healthcare
  • 1 year fellowship at the Department of Health working with CMO
  • Lead several service improvement projects at national level
  • PRINCE2 practitioner
  • MSc in Medical Management and policy


Team working in emergencies.

Proposed project

Developing a toolkit to improve work flow in acute clinical settings. Focus primarily on handover and ward-round. Initiate studies focusing on improving the ergonomics of ward work.

Professor Sue Carr

Clinical leadership

The Gripes Tool (a web-based apparatus) has been developed within the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, to enable junior doctors to raise concerns about quality and safety of care. The project is run in collaboration with Dr Carolyn Tarrant, University of Leicester SAPPHIRE department.

The academic trainee will be involved in the day-to-day management of this tool (triaging of reports received and liaising with responsible Associate Medical Directors). In addition, they will be able to develop a project title related to developing the Gripes Tool further (potential themes include promotional strategies and culture change). The academic trainee will form part of the Trust Education Departmental Team and participate in the wider activities of the department including attendance at the Doctors in Training committee and the Education to Improve Patient Safety Committee.

Dr Simon Conroy

Leadership and clinical research

Our group's ambition is to improve outcomes for frail older people by embedding evidence based medicine into clinical practice. Our service developments and research assess different models of care for frail older people, testing feasibility as well as clinical and cost-effectiveness. We aim to make an impact, for example: a 2016 survey of English hospitals found that 56/98 (57%) respondents were aware of one or more Leicester urgent care initiatives, 44% specified Leicester schemes as influencing their service and 21% had implemented a Leicester initiative. Our 2012 publication the Silver Book has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Professor Kevin Harris

Clinical leadership

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is pleased to offer the opportunity for an Academic Foundation Doctor within its Interventional Procedures Programme (IPP) based in either London or Manchester.

IPP assesses the efficacy and safety of interventional procedures to determine whether they work well enough and are safe enough for use in the NHS.

The Academic Foundation Doctor will be able to gain experience of:

  • The work of NICE and its committees
  • Critical evaluation of evidence
  • Undertaking systematic literature reviews
  • Writing guidance for health care providers and clinicians
  • Audit
  • Working with regulatory teams at a national level
  • Presentation of work at internal meetings within NICE

Dr David Jenkins

Clinical leadership

I'm a consultant medical microbiologist and deputy director of infection prevention and control and I lead infection prevention/antimicrobial stewardship across UHL. This is a critical patient safety and quality corporate role that is vital to maintaining the effectiveness of antimicrobials for future treatment and prevention of infections. My workload includes developing policies, audit, quality improvement projects, education, outbreak management and research.

Professor Umesh Kadam

Clinical leadership

Integrated academic-service programme to influence practice and policy.

Dr Collette Marshall

Clinical leadership

I am an associate medical director in the corporate medical team at UHL. We have a wide variety of leadership projects that would be of interest to budding junior medical leaders - for example a patient safety project looking at how we can consistently acknowledge results of diagnostic tests in the trust. Our team would be able to provide excellent supportive supervision to make this a worthwhile placement drawing on our knowledge base and experiential skills within medical leadership.

Dr Helena Maybury

Clinical leadership

In Leicester, we provide care for approximately 600 women a year who have gestational diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy. In order to optimise their pregnancy outcomes, they embark on an intense programme of education, dietary changes and blood glucose measurements which involve multiple visits to antenatal clinics. We want to develop a programme where we use a new blood glucose monitor to access their blood glucose readings in a virtual clinic environment to reduce the number of clinics visits they need to attend, whilst offering closer surveillance and telephone/email support.

Dr Nakul Patel

Clinical leadership

Leadership skills to help coordinate the authorship of a textbook with worldwide authors together with the opportunity to contribute as an author - "Core Surgical Procedures at a Glance: Plastic Surgery" to be published by Blackwell Publishing.

Take part with the 'Listening in Action' to improve "Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction" service within the Trust.

Create patient video diary for website publication to improve a patients journey for "Abdominal Flap Breast Reconstruction".

Clinical leadership aFY projects 2019

Consultants hosting AF trainees from August 2019 within the speciality of clinical leadership.

Dr Fiona Miall

Medical education

Co-Head of 5th Year at Leicester Medical School, leading the development of the Foundation Assistant-ship program. This course has been redesigned to improve the preparation of our graduates for work as Foundation doctors and graduate feedback informs us that junior doctor educators are needed to help develop and deliver this program. Academic Foundation doctors would design and evaluate components of teaching for 5th year students. We know there is an increasing enthusiasm amongst graduates to include medical education as part of career development.

Dr Richard Wright


Opportunity for an interested and motivated Academic Foundation Programme junior doctor to spend 4 months with the team designing and delivering the final year of medical school. Focusing on preparing students for clinical practice. There may be the opportunity to complete a PGCert in Medical Education during this placement.