Sanctuary Steering Group

Terms of Reference 2018-19


To coordinate activities across the University in relation to refugees and asylum seekers, in pursuit of the University of Leicester’s goal of attaining the status of University of Sanctuary.



  1. To organise events to promote understanding of the refugee crisis across the University.
  2. To ensure appropriate training is available to staff working with refugees and asylum seekers.
  3. To increase the number of refugees and asylum seekers offered the opportunity to engage with the University.
  4. To engage with third parties who offer financial or other support to get refugees and asylum seekers back into education.
  5. To include material related to refugees in the curriculum where possible.


  1. To develop a University-wide strategy of approach toward refugees and asylum seekers.
  2. To embed the needs of refugees and asylum seekers within the University’s culture and support system
  3. To find opportunities to help refugees and asylum seekers play an active role in the university community.
  4. To promote the idea of a ‘champion’ in every department across the University.
  5. To allow refugees and asylum seekers access to appropriate University facilities and services


  1. To coordinate existing activities across the University where departments and individuals work with refugees and asylum seekers.
  2. To develop new opportunities across the University to engage with refugees and asylum seekers.
  3. To publicise the University’s involvement with supporting refugees and asylum seekers.
  4. To place the University at the heart of community engagement with those working with refugees and asylum seekers.
  5. To work with other universities to enhance opportunities across the sector and to promote best practice.

Reports to

An Annual Report will be submitted to the University Leadership Team, and to other groups within the University, as appropriate. 

Constitution and Membership 2018-19

The membership is made up of and was selected from a range of academic and professional service departments across the University as well as from City of Sanctuary, The Students’ Union and a current asylum seeker.   The membership was selected on a voluntary basis from people interested in the University of Sanctuary project and with a connection to working with/for refugees.  In some cases there is a substitute within the department who will attend if the ‘member’ is unable to.  This will be noted in the minutes. 

  1. Philip Horspool (Director of the English Language Teaching Unit) – Chair
  2. Shali Bullough (Leicester City of Sanctuary)
  3. Aleks Palanac (ELTU and LCoS)
  4. Pascale Roussel (ELTU)
  5. Sarah Knight (School of Arts, English)
  6. Ather Mirza (Public Affairs)
  7. Gosia Mobbs (Curriculum Development and LCoS)
  8. Bill Friar (Philanthropy, Alumni and Community Engagement)
  9. Mark Wilkinson (Physics and NEST)
  10. Maria Rovisco (Media and Communication / Migration Network)
  11. Zhaide Yildiz (asylum seeker and PhD student)
  12. Marie Nugent (Life Sciences)
  13. Oge Obioha (Students’ Union)
  14. Claire Heggs (Student Welfare Service)
  15. Ali Naqvi (Compliance)
  16. Rebecca Pawley (Philanthropy, Alumni and Community Engagement)
  17. John Williams (Media, Communication and Sociology / DICE)
  18. Surrinder Sharma (Sociology / DICE)
  19. Chloe Warsop (Widening Participation)
  20. Jacqueline Kirk (School of Business)
  21. Lydia Selcuk (Law Pro-Bono Society)
  22. Helen Dexter (History, Politics and International Relations)

Duration of appointment

Members appointed for 3 years or until the aims have been achieved

Normally in attendance at meetings



Pascale Roussel, ELTU

Frequency of meetings



Six members

Additional Information

The group will work to promote the University’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Widening Participation agendas.  The group strongly adheres to the founding principles of the University and will seek to actively work alongside those involved in the University’s centenary celebrations.  It will work alongside others in the University to explore and develop philanthropic fundraising opportunities.  The Group is not only committed to working with and for others across the University but will work with groups across the city to promote common values and goals.