Annelies Sap

anne liessap profile imageMChem Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Year in Industry)
Graduated 2012

After having graduated from the University of Leicester with an MChem in Pharmaceutical Chemistry where I did a year in industry at KU Leuven (Belgium), I obtained an individual Fellowship from Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) to do a PhD at KU Leuven in bioinorganic chemistry under the supervision of Professor Tatjana Parac-Vogt. My PhD title is 'Investigating the reactivity of metal-substituted polyoxometalates towards biomolecules.' As part of my PhD, I obtained a travel grant from the FWO to do a research stay at Imperial College London for 1 year under the supervision of Professor Ramon Vilar, where I am currently exploring the inhibitory effect of metal-substituted polyoxometalates towards DNA polymerases. 

During my PhD studies, I have not only further developed my laboratory skills and analytical mindset, but it has also given me the opportunity to improve my soft skills such as my interpersonal skills, my presentation and writing skills and my ability to adapt to new working environments. I have also been active in various Ladies@Science workshops where I served as a volunteer to inspire young girls with the fun aspects of chemistry. After having written my PhD thesis, I aim to start my career in the pharmaceutical industry, where I would like to gain experience in areas such as clinical research, regulatory affairs or quality assurance.