Lynn Fowkes

Lynn Fowkes University of Leicester ChaplaincyLynn has been the United Reformed Church Chaplain since 2010. She is the Minister of St Stephen’s URC, (which was the Presbyterian Church in Leicester until the Union with Congregational Churches and the Churches of Christ), and she welcomes meeting people, not only from across Britain, but from around the world.

Originally a Northerner, Lynn lived around England and worked in different settings - business and marketing; performing arts; and the voluntary sector - before studying theology and training for ministry at Oxford, and then Cambridge. Previously the Minister of Churches in Essex and Central London, Lynn has held ecumenical roles locally and nationally and is experienced in working with other faith traditions.

In her studies, Lynn focussed on psychology and sociology and religion: with interests in faith development; prayer and spirituality, her main area of research was around death and bereavement.

Lynn has been married for a lot of years. She is mother of two adult sons and grandmother of a toddler.