CCRG Projects will always involve researchers from more than one College, School or disciplinary area, as well as collaborations with external academic and non-academic partners. Recent and current examples include:

Rotunda ManifestingVirtual Vauxhall Gardens

Virtual Vauxhall Gardens, a VR heritage project in collaboration with MBD Ltd. which won the 2019 ‘Discovering Excellence’ Award for ‘Best Research Team’;

Aural Diversity

Aural Diversity, a collaboration with GNResound Ltd exploring the differences in hearing between people and how they affect music, soundscape design, hearing care and hearing technologies;


BalanceAID, a collaboration with University Hospitals Leicester and IBM to build creative AI for balance disorder diagnosis and treatment. See the Balance Disorder Spectrum for an idea of the territory;

Computer and Art TechnologiesComputer Arts Society Archive

Computer Arts Society Archive, a collaboration with Dr Sean Clark and the British Computer Society to establish and maintain a physical and virtual archive of innovative computational art;

The wood and the WaterHuman-Sound Interaction (HSI)

Human-Sound Interaction (HSI), a collaboration with Birmingham City University, University of Huddersfield and Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome (CRM). This project looks at ways of interaction with live digital audio processes taking into account people’s aural diversity and capabilities to perceive sound affordances.

Innovating and Crafting Sustainable Digital Ecosystems (INCITE)

Innovating and Crafting Sustainable Digital Ecosystems (INCITE), in collaboration with UoL School of Business. This project looks at ways to supporting Craft-makers affected by the Covid-19 Crisis in Uzbekistan.

Maths Garden

Maths Garden, a collaboration between artists, musicians and mathematicians as part of the Maths Meets Art project. A virtual garden space containing interactive mathematical models.