Local History - Archaeology

A KS2 Education programme

  • Learn more about the discovery of Richard III
  • Understand more about materials found in archaeological digs
  • Consider the claims that can be made from the evidence found
  • See and learn about plants found in digs in Leicester
  • Handle genuine medieval material
  • Use plants to dye cloth
  • Identify seeds using Easi-scope microscopes
  • Find herbs to cure illnesses

Using the significant local history event of the discovery of Richard III the Local History - Archaeology programme is designed to help children’s understanding of how we can use evidence from archaeological discoveries, backed up by science, to make historical claims.

The programme starts with an introduction about archaeology and what we can learn from the evidence we find. Children then work in five groups and complete all the activities by the end of the day.

  • They search through discovery boxes and from the objects found, try to work out which site they came from. Genuine medieval material is used
  • They identify seeds using Easi-scope microscopes that project the image onto laptops
  • Everyone goes on a trail around the Botanic Garden to see various plants and learn about how they have been used in different times
  • Children design and colour a patterned piece of cloth using dyes made from berries
  • The Herb Garden is visited and children discover some traditional methods for curing common illnesses

There will also be a fun, rubbish-sorting activity over lunchtime to consider what future historians can learn about us.

  • Numbers: Up to two classes
  • Timing: All day
  • Cost: £4.90 per child (minimum charge £117.60) with no charge for accompanying adults
  • Allergies: Children do not collect or taste any nuts
  • Lunch: Lunch can be eaten outside  or in the classrooms
  • Staff: A member of the Botanic Garden teacher team will lead your Archaeology day

To book please contact the Botanic Garden Education Office on 0116 271 2933 or email us.