Botanic Garden and Attenborough Arboretum

Birthday parties

At the moment due to staffing we are unable to offer birthday parties but hope to do so again in the future.

We offer a selection of led birthday parties for younger children at both the Garden and Arboretum which include:

  • A 1 hour 15 minutes activity (see below) led by a member of the Botanic Garden teacher team 
  • Use of a room for a further 45 minutes for food and games provided by yourselves
  • Parties are priced at £130

Parties at the Arboretum

Bear Hunt

This party is suitable for up to 15 children aged between 4-5 years.

Act out the story of the Bear Hunt around the site - go through the swishy-swashy grass, the stumble trip forest … and run from the ‘bear’. Do several art activities relating to the story - make a grass picture, mud print paw prints, bark rubbings and splash in the paddling pool. Bag provided for each child to take art work home in. 

Parties at the Garden

Woodland Adventures

Suitable for up to 20 children aged between 6-8 years.

Choose two from a selection of activities:

  • Pond dip with nets and find the animals that live in our pond
  • Use clay and cones to make animals
  • Collect leaves and make head bands using leaves
  • Collect leaves and make leaf masks
  • Hunt for 'creatures' in the rainforest glasshouse

Fairies and Elves

Hunt for natural materials to make fairy and elf doors. 

Treasure Hunt

Hunt for cake ingredients around the Garden and then use them to make a cake. This party is for up to 20 children aged between 6-8 years. 

Alice in Wonderland

Follow an Alice themed trail, play croquet and make headbands. For up to 15 children.


Which animal stole seeds from the Botanic garden? Look at the different animal footprints and evidence to solve the crime. For up to 15 children aged 7+ years.

Witches and Wizards

Collect ingredients to make a special happy birthday spell, make wands. For up to 15 children aged 7+ years.

Please contact the Botanic Garden Office for further information or to book a party.

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