Coin hoards and the Iron Age Roman transition

We are looking for an excellent, highly promising and appropriately qualified student who will embrace the opportunity to bring together academic research with experience and training in a leading British museum. We want to encourage the widest range of potential students to study for a CDP studentship and are committed to welcoming students from different backgrounds to apply for our studentships. NB. All applicants must meet the AHRC’s academic criteria and residency requirements.

Project Title: The Iron Age to Roman Transition in Britain from the Perspective of Coin Hoards

Project Description: The later Iron Age in Britain is a period of social change, as clearly evidenced in alterations in technologies and material culture. This is also the period in which the first coins appear, imported from Gallic neighbours across the Channel, and later minted locally across southern Britain; such material provides a major source of information on Iron Age society, trade, religious beliefs, and continental contacts. Many aspects of Iron Age coinage are still poorly understood, but they combine aspects of ‘money’ since they have standardised weight and metal composition; they exhibit complex and localised iconography; and they are generally deposited in careful ways, probably as part of a broad ‘sacrificial’ economy. This PhD studentship will take as its focus this last aspect, examining and interpreting hoards deposited in a time of major cultural change, namely the late Iron Age to Roman transition in Britain. The studentship is a collaborative venture between the University of Leicester and the Ashmolean Museum at the University of Oxford.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Haselgrove and Professor David Mattingly (Leicester); Professor Chris Howgego and Professor Chris Gosden (Oxford).

Eligibility: Available to UK/EU applicants only; see links for further details of eligibility.

Applications closing date: 8 April 2019.

Interviews to be held on 29 April 2019.