Current PhD students

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Graham Aldred
What are they Worth? A Study of Anglo-Saxon Mercian Settlements named worth
Nora M. Battermann
Revealing Reynard: A 10,000 year cultural biography of human-fox interactions in England
Jennifer Beamer
Re-evaluating textile production and tool deposition in Iron Age Britain
Lauren Bellis
A Dog’s Life: An Interdisciplinary Study of Changing Human-Animal Relationships in Roman Britain
Rupert Birtwistle
Technology, ecology & cultural variability of hominin populations during the Lower-Middle Palaeolithic transition in Azerbaijan
Korakot Boonlop
The association between dental caries and the emergence of agriculture in prehistoric Thailand from 5000 BP
Matteo Cantisani
Castelluccio Pots, function and practices: assessing socio-cultural and political change in EBA Sicily (2300-1600 B.C.)
David Cardona
Landscapes of death and commemoration: burial space, place and evolution from Phoenician to late Roman Malta
Philip Carstairs
A generous helping?  The archaeology of soup kitchens and their role in post-medieval philanthropy 1660-1914
Joshua Charles
Michael Curtis
Maritime archaeology of Hellensitic-Roman Crete
Thomas Derrick
Perfume bottles in the Roman West
Emily Drummond Water Management and Cultic Practices in the Roman Empire
Claudia Eicher
Religious transition in the late antique countryside: agency, identity, and change in Lugdunensis Senonia
Richard Evans
A Most Dangerous Place: Violence Beyond the Battlefield in the Peloponnese, c. 500–100 BC
Brandon Fathy
Performing Ports: a comparative practice analysis of early medieval Ipswich and London
Alison Fearn
The Archaeology of Protective Marks in Vernacular Contexts 1500-1600
Roberta Ferrante
Roman to Byzantine public baths in Catania and in eastern Sicily
Panagiotis Georgopoulos
Ethnic Identity in the Ancient Greek Colonies in Sicily and Asia Minor (8th-6th century BC): Interpretation and Heritage
Jeanette Gimmerstam
Wiki on the Rocks- A study of the western globalization progress of knowledge within archaeology
Maria Giuseppina Gradoli
Dynamic Social Changes and Identity: A Petrological Study of Bronze Age Ceramics in Nuragic Sardinia
Nathan Gubbins
Why did People Bury Things? Understanding changing Depositional Practices from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age
Bernard Guinan
The Prehistoric Landscapes of County Mayo, Ireland: The Impact of Development-Led Archaeology
Jodie Hannis
Creative Interventions in Archaeology: Experiments in Facilitating Public Engagement with Archaeological Research
Cristina M. Hernandez
Domestic Baths of Pompeii—a phenomenological and cultural study of architectural design and space
Philip Hughes
Romano-British Engagement with the Materiality of the Prehistoric Past
Elisabeth Janovsky
Analysis of the Iconography and Narratives of Decorated Gaming Pieces from the Imperial to the Medieval Period in Italy, Gaul, and Spain
Raminder Kaur
How important was patronage in the rise and early establishment of Buddhism in early historic South Asia?
Heather Keeble
Roman finds in Victorian and Edwardian newspapers
Rebecca Kibble
Digital Datasets and Faunal Assemblages: Using GIS to digitise Multi-Variate Bone Assemblage Data across Complex Spatio-temporal Domains within Multi-scalar Platforms
Panagiotis Koutsouris
Meredith Laing
Growing up and starting work in later British Prehistory
Jessica Lam
Using Novel 3D Comparative Techniques to Assess Skeletal Remains
Zhao Li
The emergence of agriculture in the Pearl River Delta from 5.5 ka to 2.5ka
Gord Macdonald
Impacts of Global Climate Change on Polar Heritage
Dane Magoon
Hannah McQuail
Innovative Uses of Satellite Imagery in Archaeology
Bella Mollard
Understanding a Ritual Landscape: An Investigation into the Rock Art of the Jornada Mogollon Region of the American Southwest
Rubén Montoya González
Glocalization, villa décor, social identity and self-representation within Hispania Ulterior Baetica
Yvonne O'Dell Ontologies of Affect: Exploring emotional encounters and transformations in the Caribbean
Zoltán Pallag The Roman Picnic in Late Antiquity
Alessandra Pegurri
A city in transition? Exploiting Common Wares to question socio-cultural and economic change in late-antique Rome
Amy Place (née Wale)
Fashioning Identity in the Roman and Late Antique World: The Case of North Africa (c. AD 200-550)
Abid ur-Rehman
Architecture as Identity: Analyses of the Sethi Havelis in Pakistan
Matthew Selheimer
Life at the Cross-roads: How street intersections shaped Roman socio-spatial experience
Rachel Small
Food, identity and humoral theory in early modern England: a case study from Leicestershire
Jeff Spanbauer
Identity & Violence: the British Soldier in Garrison Communities on the American Colonial Frontier
Donald Sutherland
Alexander Thomas
Hegemony and Autonomy: Political Power in Late Classical and Hellenistic Sicily
Zoe Tomlinson
A re-evaluation of Roman painted plaster in the East-Midlands with particular reference to the Roman colour palette
Daniël van Helden
Exploring the Limits of the Archaeological Study of Identity
Charlotte Van Regenmortel
The Military Trade: Soldiers as Wage Labourers in the Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Periods
Lisa Venables
From Tool to Textile: exploring Roman-period British textile production via l analysis of archaeological textile tools
Josh Webb
Preparation for warfare in Classical Greece in light of the individual social character of different civic societies
Mark Webb
Interpreting rich and poor zones in the English Late Medieval town and enhancing 'sense of place' in modern townscapes
Rachel Wilkinson
Iron Age metalwork object hoards 800 BC - AD 100

Javier Williams

Early Visigothic-period buckles as status markers and symbols of identity