Alumni Awards Criteria and Nomination Forms

Alumni Awards Winners 2019The criteria for awarding the Alumni Awards for each category are as outlined below. Nominators are strongly advised to read the full Awards Criteria and Guidelines document before submitting a nomination. 

Dr Mark Sims Memorial Award for Public Service

  • Must be a graduate of the University of Leicester
  • This award recognises outstanding public service. Nominees will have made a positive impact regionally, nationally or internationally through community work, fundraising or volunteering

Nominations for this award are closed. 

Future Leader Award

  • Must have graduated from the University of Leicester within the last 10 years
  • This award recognises exceptional accomplishment early in the nominees’ post-University career. Nominees will have demonstrated early career or community service achievements or displayed innovative practices in their field within the first 10 years after graduation. Nominees will be inspiring role models for students and fellow early-career graduates

Nominations for this award are closed. 

Alumna/Alumnus of the Year Award 

  • Must be a graduate of the University of Leicester
  • This award recognises exceptional recent achievements by an alumnus or alumna. Ideally nominees will have accomplished this in the last year, but achievements can also span the last 3 years
  • Nominees must have made a significant impact in their field or to society, and ideally will have received formal recognition from their peers and/or the community. Successes may include but are not limited to research excellence and impact, leadership and innovation in industry or enterprise, or achievements in the arts and humanities

Nominations for this award are closed. 

Other Guidelines for Nominations

  • All nominations must be made in English
  • Incomplete nominations, or those that do not fulfil the criteria will not be considered
  • Nominations submitted after the deadline date will not be considered
  • The judging process for the Rhoda Bennett Philanthropy Award will remain confidential due to the potentially sensitive nature of philanthropic gifts made to the University of Leicester
  • The detailed content of the nomination support material will be treated as confidential but the summary may be used as part of the awards event or in pre/post-event publicity. It is the responsibility of the person making the nomination to ensure that no material is included that is confidential
  • Nominees who are not shortlisted will not be contacted
  • There will be photography and other recordings at the awards which the University reserves the right to use in its publications, social media channels and website
  • Nominators must ensure that to the best of their knowledge all the information supplied in the nomination form is correct