Research sponsor

Medium-term objective of the group, dependent on funding, is to sponsor early-career Africa research of a high academic standard, and with practical relevance.

  • Four impactful research projects in Africa, sponsored each year
  • Fieldwork between three weeks and three months.

Initially, PhD Students and Early-career postdocs will be prioritized – can be from a range of interdisciplinary backgrounds.

12 research themes we can support (as well as fund) each year:

  1. Environment
  2. Security & Development
  3. Peace and Conflict Studies
  4. History
  5. Gender Studies
  6. Mental Health and Wellbeing
  7. Law and Justice Reform
  8. Ethics and Human Rights
  9. Youth Studies
  10. Leadership Governance
  11. Government & Governance
  12. Technology & Digital Revolution

Output: At the end of the year, each project will produce a paper that will be compiled within an in-house journal.