Our networking role

Several excellent Africa-related initiatives exist within the University of Leicester:

The Africa Group aims to bring together/connect existing projects and research.

Link up university PGRs with other PGRs and externals for collaboration

Provide a platform to engage with the student body as well as colleagues from within and outside the university

The Africa Research Group will facilitate a bridge between all Africa relevant research at the University of Leicester.

If you are working on a project with Africa relevance, drop us a line, we will try to match you with other like-minded researchers or similar research projects.

We hope to work with the Research and Enterprise Division, so that the Group will not get inundated with relevant contact.

We also hope that the University Funder Groups will be aware of the Group’s role here.

Ongoing discussions around the Group hosting a ‘bring and share’ style lunch a couple of times each term - as a way of starting, sustaining discussions across the Colleges.

This ‘bring and share’ style lunch format will be particularly useful as the Africa Group aims to generate interest around its role in the college, during the first year or so.