Annual Africa Research Festival

Annual Conference Series

The Annual Africa Research Festival is to be a celebration of Africa’s unique cultures, as well as new and emerging research and scholarship on the content. The festival is aimed at bringing together some of the best and brightest Africa research projects to emerge from the university each year. It will be an opportunity for colleagues to present their work, share work-in-progress notes, and interact within a light and festive atmosphere. A part of the conference each year will be reserved for debate and networking - specific to the theme of culture and its various representations across Africa.

Student engagement will be key here and we shall be working closely with the University of Leicester Student Union to understand how students can come for a fun day, yet also learn a lot about the excellent research initiatives across the university. We also hope to be able to invite an important guest speaker each year. The Annual Africa Research Festival will be the Africa Research Group’s flagship event, so watch this space!

A way to share the group’s work and progress, as well as that of the fellows with colleagues from the university and stakeholders and participants from outside.

A way to celebrate the year’s research and discuss future research projection.