Who we are

Members of Africa Research Group focus on research questions related to a range of areas including:

  • Politics and international relations in Africa
  • History and Historical Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Ethics and Human Rights
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Law and Justice Reform
  • Civil Society
  • Digital Politics
  • Peace & Conflict Studies
  • Security and Development
  • Youth Studies
  • Environment
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • The Drug and Substance Abuse Problem
  • Resource Management

We have strong ties with African-based research projects and researchers.

We are building a track record of collaborating with African industry, academic institutions, government agencies and NGOs.

We will aim to sponsor impactful research projects in Africa.

We will aim to support, in various ways, the best researchers and research ideas in need of a platform.

We are building a body of outputs and scholarly publications which, along with events, will magnify the voice of African research and researchers.

We facilitate policy-relevant impactful research leveraging country-specific and regional knowledge.

We are interdisciplinary, geographically relevant to all regions, and work with people in many countries in Africa.