What we do

With thousands of students either from Africa or with African backgrounds at the University of Leicester, one of the group’s objectives is to attract a new generation of scholarship and research interest within the African continent.

An inclusive academic environment is at the core of this initiative: The Africa Research Group is not just a group for Africans. Rather, we aim to build a community of African scholarship at University of Leicester, by growing research in Africa.

Everyone welcome, regardless of background.

Student with interests in African scholarship will be encouraged to learn about (a) the various Africa research projects within the university and (b) the practical relevance of these projects to both urban and rural communities across Africa.

Research, Events and Outputs will be important to these aims.

The Africa Research Group collaborates with researchers at all levels.

We work with the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies to enhance research and research-based scholarship within the University.

We promote and support African expertise via the co-ordination and evolution of interdisciplinary study, research and discussion in Africa.

We promote activism and engagement with a range of governmental and non-governmental organisations — within and involved with the African continent.