Support for current and future PhD students

The African Research Group will support current students and future PhD students in the following ways:

  • The Africa Research Group will aim to increase the university’s profile as a hub for Africa PhD studies in the UK.
  • Provide support options for PhD students conducting research on/in Africa.
  • Supervision
  • Networking: PhD students will be provided with the networks, including connection with colleagues, introduction to similar research and experienced researchers to help them along the PhD lifetime.
  • An events platform: A testbed for WIP research.
  • An opportunity to publish, with an in-house peer-reviewed system facilitated by the Africa Group.

Students and the Student Union

We will engage with the students and student union to raise the Group profile within the university student body.

We will hold events that will build inclusiveness and community on the one hand, while also exposing students to current research and its impact in Africa.

We hope that, in engaging students in this way, we can start a conversation within a new generation, on research and research impact in Africa.