Rooted in the Africa-relevant research cluster in the School of History, Politics and International Relations, we will welcome collaboration with scholars both within and beyond the University of Leicester.

For example, one of our first activities will be with the International Law and Policy in Africa Network (ILPAN), led from the School of Law.

Specifically, one of the Africa Research Group co-chairs is co-investigator on ILPAN’s project under the AHRC Research Networking Scheme, titled “Election-related violence in West Africa”. The projected start date for this project is 15 April 2020.

We are also engaged in talks with other potential partners, within and outside the university, ready to collaborate right from launch.

We expect such collaborations to become central to the group’s role within the University of Leicester.

We are still very open minded about the form and direction this work could take; anyone with an idea important to academic scholarship in African society is welcome to bring their ideas to the Group’s co-chairs.