Executive Board

Chief of Staff

Black and white photo of Alex Erdlenbruch

Alex Erdlenbruch

Chief of staff

+44 (0)116 252 5268


Alex Erdlenbruch was appointed Chief of Staff in April 2019. He had previously overseen the University’s Governance Office as Strategic Planning Manager. Prior to joining the University of Leicester, Alex worked in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at De Montfort University.

As Chief of Staff, Alex is responsible for providing executive and strategic support to the President and Vice-Chancellor, managing their internal and external engagements. He also leads the Public Affairs function and the Executive Support Group and is Secretary to the Executive Board.

Alex holds two degrees from the University of Sheffield: a BA in History and Politics and an MA in European Politics and Public Policy. He was elected as a sabbatical officer (International Students’ Officer) in his final year at University and was a member of the National Union of Students’ International Students campaign the following year.

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