External Relations

Future Students Office

The Future Students Office consists of the UK Student Recruitment and Outreach Team, the Global Recruitment (International) Team, the Global Operations Team and the Admissions Team.

Key Citizens

Danielle Fitzgerald - Head of FSO

UK Student Recruitment and Outreach

We work with students of all ages and backgrounds, parents, teachers and advisers to encourage participation in higher education and to recruit and convert undergraduate students to the University. Our work covers students from primary school age through to mature learners. We organise university experience days and summer schools, attend UCAS exhibitions, deliver higher education information talks and attend events held in schools and colleges, and arrange an extensive annual programme of Subject Taster Days and Teacher Conferences.

Key Citizens

Elliot Newstead – Head of UK Student Recruitment and Outreach
Dan Flatt – UK Student Recruitment Manager
Oliver Rossetti – Outreach Manager
Nick Cave – Academic Liaison Manager


Global Recruitment (International)

We are responsible for the University's overall international strategy, including recruitment, and links with universities and other organisations.

Key Citizens

Vicky Chadderton, Associate Director, International Recruitment 

Vicky leads the University of Leicester's International Recruitment Team, working closely with colleagues across the Future Students Office and External Relations Division. 

Tracy Li, Associate Director, China Operations

Tracy is responsible for student recruitment, institutional partnerships and our operations in China supported by her team of exceptional recruitment specialists based in China and the UK. 

To get in touch with her team:

Vishnu Vankayala, Regional Manager, South Asia

Vishnu looks after recruitment from the subcontinent and heads our highly specialised team based in India. They can be contacted on:

Anthony Braybrooke, Regional Manager, East and South East Asia 

Anthony, currently based in Taipei, is responsible for markets in East and South East Asia, supported by his team based in Malaysia (Kristin), Vietnam (Quang) and Taiwan. 

Jim Green, International Recruitment Manager

Jim looks after recruitment from the Middle East, Africa, Americas and Europe supported by his team based in Nigeria (Abigail) and the UK (Jules and Kristina). 


Global Operations Team

The Global Operations Team supports the work of all of the Teams within FSO and is responsible for the operational management of, our Global Agent network (including commission processing); FSO Finance; Fee setting; Recruitment Scholarships; Global Partnership Operations; and the Student Ambassador Scheme.

Key Citizens

Felicity Lawrence – Global Business Operations Manager



We manage all admissions to campus-based courses at Leicester. This includes processing undergraduate and postgraduate applications, handling admissions enquiries and making offers.

The Admissions Office is also responsible for managing and maintaining the University's central admissions systems, policies and procedures.

Useful policy document

Key Citizens

Phil Dalby - Head of Admissions
Kathy Thompson - Deputy Head of Admissions
Clair Simmonds - Deputy Head of Admissions


Undergraduate Admissions

Postgraduate Admissions

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