Future developments

The estates masterplan is a long-term development plan, which stretches over the next ten years. It will be funded through capital investment, not through regular operating budgets. 

Brookfield and the Percy Gee Building are two of the first parts of that plan, and achieving these will allow us to start the process of moving staff and students around so that we can begin refurbishment and redevelopment of other areas of our campus.

Space Park Leicester

We will use Space Park Leicester to build on our world class strengths in space and Earth observation science. This is thanks to a £15 million in investment from Local Growth Funding through LLEP alongside a £10 million investment by the University.

Freemen's Common

The existing student residences at Freemen’s Common are coming to the end of their natural life. This presents an opportunity for us to look at this area as a whole to see how the space can best be used. We are in the process of appointing a development partner to work with us on this project and will consult with the community as soon as plans are more developed. 

Multidisciplinary lab

High quality lab space is in high demand across the University. We are looking into the potential to create a large flexible space which can be used across our scientific subjects.


The Maurice Shock Building, Charles Wilson Building and Attenborough Building are structurally sound but are in need of major refurbishment. We believe that rather than undertaking minimal works, it makes more sense to go for a larger scale revitalisation of these buildings to and ensure they are fit for the future. This will be a major undertaking and we’ll need to relocate staff and students while we complete these projects.

Public realm

We are also looking to improve all the public spaces on campus, this was started by redeveloping the areas around the Fielding Johnson Building and David Wilson Library, and we hope to expand it to the rest of our site to provide a seamless ‘one campus’ feel.