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Disciplinary process for cases of sexual misconduct

Step 1

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  • Report of sexual misconduct received by the University.

Step 2

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  • We assess the complaint, considering risks to wellbeing and safety of individuals involved and how risks need to be managed.
  • If the wellbeing and safety of individuals is at risk, we will refer the complaint to the Cause for Concern Group, who may take the following actions:
    • Contact the police.
    • Implement precautionary measures, including no-contact orders.
  • We determine whether the complaint should proceed to a formal investigation or seek an alternative resolution.

Step 3

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Formal Investigation

  • We meet with the reported student and inform them of allegations and process.
  • An Authorised Officer, usually a member of staff from the Student Conduct Group, will be appointed to oversee the investigation of the complaint.
  • The Authorised Officer or appointed representative undertakes interviews with parties involved, gathers information and produces a full written report of findings and recommendations.

Step 4

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Determine Outcome

  • The Authorised Officer will determine the outcome of the formal investigation:
    • Disciplinary action, or
    • Referral to a Student Discipline Panel hearing to resolve complex cases, or
    • No further action.
  • Disciplinary action might include a reprimand or temporary exclusion.

Step 5

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Student Discipline Panel

  • The Student Discipline Panel will consider the case and provide the student with an opportunity to respond.
  • The Panel will then determine the outcome, either:
    • No further action, or
    • Penalties as appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the University.

Step 6

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  • Usually the student will be entitled to appeal the disciplinary outcome.
  • A member of the Student Conduct Group will review the submission and determine the next steps:
    • Decision remains, or
    • Action to revise the penalty, or
    • A full appeal hearing.

This process is intended as an overview. However, some steps may vary according to individual cases.

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