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Disclosure and support process for cases of sexual misconduct

Where students provide consent and contact details

Step 1

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  • Students can disclose sexual misconduct, harassment or violence to the University through:
  • The University may receive information from the Police and other external agencies.

Step 2

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  • After a disclosure has been made, we contact the disclosing student within two working days to arrange a one-to-one supportive conversation.
  • We talk to the disclosing student to gather information and discuss the disclosure.
  • We undertake a needs assessment with the disclosing student to determine support options, including referrals to internal and external support agencies, such as:
    • External
      • Specialist support (i.e. sexual assault referral centre)
      • Counselling services
      • Health services
    • Internal
      • Counselling services
      • Welfare advisers
      • Residential support services
      • Academic support
  • We discuss options for reporting the disclosure to the Police or to the University as a disciplinary matter.
  • If the student reports as a University disciplinary matter, the disciplinary process begins.

Step 3

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Continuous Support

  • We continue to support the disclosing student, re-evaluating requirements until the student’s needs are met.

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