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The protected characteristic of Race refers to a group of people defined by their race, colour, and nationality (including citizenship) ethnic or national origins. We offer the following support:

In 2022, the University of Leicester was awarded with a Bronze Race Equality Charter Mark. Our submission and our Race Equality Charter Action Plan ensure progress towards our commitment to developing an anti-racist University. Learn more about our successful submission.

Whilst the Charter creates a strong foundation to our work to tackle racial inequities, we recognise that achieving the Charter Mark in itself will not eliminate racial inequities, particularly at a systemic and structural level, and that in order to develop a truly inclusive University that there is a necessity for further actions which consider and respond to the specific challenges faced by our University. We are therefore working with key stakeholders across the University to undertake actions such as implementing the recommendations of  the BMA Charter for Tackling Racial Harassment through the creation of our MedRACE group, delivering a Black Excellence engagement programme with schools in the local community, working with Schools across the University to develop an Race Inclusion Action Plan to redress the awarding gap and the development of a Guide to Race Related Terminology to support awareness, engagement and dialogue to advance race equality, to name a few. Our commitment is to take a holistic and tailored approach to inform a cultural change which will address the evidenced racial inequities across the University.

The document below will provide you with a summary of our submission, together with our action plan. We are working on sharing our full submission and will do so as soon as possible.

If you have any further queries regarding the Race Equality Charter Mark or Race equity more widely, please contact the EDI Team at email: equalities@le.ac.uk.

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