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The Act protects employees of all ages. 

Menopause policy and guidance

Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life, and it isn’t always an easy transition. With the right support, it can be much better. Whilst every woman does not suffer with symptoms, supporting those who do will improve their experience at work.

At the University of Leicester, we have a Menopause Policy and we held awareness sessions following the publication of Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation

Menopause Cafés 

The Menopause Café is an informal, social meeting. Just a relaxed chat - feel free to bring along your lunch, tea, coffee or whatever you like. Once a month we gather together to chat about menopause.

The Café is held monthly. The day varies from month to month, to give everyone a chance to attend. All genders and all ages are welcome: University of Leicester colleagues, employees of partner organisations and students - whether you're experiencing symptoms yourself and want to meet others who are or just want to chat about what this is all about.

We are is engaged with several charters to drive change to organisational culture at the University of Leicester. These activities are catalysts for change and drive the University to transform our culture and make a real impact on the lives of staff and students.

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